June 12, 2012

~ Vinyl Wall Decor ~

I have said it before and I will say it again, if you have never blog hopped before, you don't know what you're missin'! I have won some wonderful prizes aka "Blog Candy" while perusing the awesome creativity on my www friends blogs. I will be showcasing them from time to time and giving  props to those generous peeps that offered them!  It's really cool because some of the prizes I would not necessarily purchase because it wasn't my style or color but when I receive them, I get so motivated to see what I can do with it....and realize that it WAS my style after all! Some products I have never heard of let alone used so that gives me the opportunity to "broaden my horizons" and learn something new!

Today I want to tell you about the prize that I won via a contest on the Homeketeers Facebook page. It was a gift certificate for vinyl wall decor from Sweetums Signaures. I had never heard of them nor had I ever considered adding vinyl to my walls but was so easy and I love how it turned out!  They offer lots of different sizes and colors. I chose navy since my walls are blue.

See the lovely "not blue anymore" spot on the right? Well, just because the tape says removable doesn't mean it won't take the paint off. I was using Scotch pieces which you can see a few pics down. 

 I was just sick about this and REALLY didn't want to spackle, let dry, repaint, sand and whatever else was going to be necessary to fix this so......... Thank you Martha Stewart for making such cute flower embellishments! Never thought I would use them on the wall, but hey....it works for me!
 Do as the instructions say and use masking tape!! I didn't have any and thought this would work. 

Is this pic blurry or is it my eyes? LOL Wanted to get close enough so you could see the awesome quality of the vinyl cuts. 

Haven't decided what to do with the butterflies yet. They are rather plain so I am thinking that bling, aka rhinestones, gems and do dads, will be necessary to create the body and give some definition on the wings. Any suggestions would be welcome! 
This is a Cricut Cartridge storage box that my sweet husband found. This monogram was just the perfect touch to dress it up a little.

My order came rolled in a tube so I unpacked it, laid it on the table and covered it with my 12 x 24 Cricut paper pad for a day. Worked perfectly to make the designs lay flat. See below for the super easy instructions: 

You Will Need:

1. Masking Tape
2. Scissors
3. Straight Edge / Level
4. Plastic card applicator (provided)

Your Lettering Contains Three Layers:

1. The top layer is the transfer tape (your sticker will adhere to the tape before applying to surface)
2. The middle layer is actual sticker
3. The bottom layer is the waxy backing paper (you will peel this off before applying the lettering)

How To Apply:

1. Using the plastic applicator, first lay the lettering on a table and smooth it out several times. This will help the sticker to adhere to the transfer tape during the application process.
2. Clean your surface to ensure a smooth and dust-free application
3.Create a reference line vertically, in the middle of the sticker with tape
4. Tape lettering to the surface you are applying
5. From left to right, remove the first half of the sticker backing (remove in small sections for larger decals)
6. Use the scissors to cut off the first half of the backing
7. Using the applicator, slowly smooth out the sticker, adhering it to the surface
8. Repeat steps 3 - 5 for the second half of your sticker
9. Beginning in the upper left corner, slowly remove the transfer tape, leaving the lettering in place
10. Step back and enjoy!

I hope you will take a moment to check out the Homeketeers Facebook page and visit the Sweetums Signatures website. Who knows, you just may be inspired to try something new! Let me know if you do! Have a great day ~ See you soon!

June 1, 2012

Your chance to win ~ Lawn Fawn Stamps!!!

I was just introduced to these super cute stamps from Lawn Fawn through Ginger Snap Scraps!! Here is the information for your chance to win! Although this will reduce MY chances but I am willing to share the love with all of my creative friends!!
We are so excited about the new Lawn Fawn stamp sets that we are giving away all seven of them to one lucky winner! To enter to win: Comment on this photo letting us know you "like" us on Facebook, Comment on this photo letting us know you follow our blog (www.ginger-snap-scraps.blogspot.com) and comment on this photo (click here)  letting us know you shared it on your wall! 
IF YOU SHARE THIS GIVE AWAY ON YOUR BLOG, GIVE YOURSELF 5 MORE ENTIRES-JUST LEAVE ME YOUR BLOG LINK! Eight chances to win, we will randomly pick a winner from the comments under this photo on June 10!

Just look at these projects using Lawn Fawn............................................

Subscribe to their You Tube site and visit the FB page here https://www.facebook.com/LawnFawn ~ Good Luck!!

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