April 24, 2012

Organize this Mess.....we look at our creative space and just wonder where we put that thing that we had just used two weeks ago, past Tuesday, of the 3rd of the month. We know that feeling oh soooooo well!!!! I pride myself in my organized "clutter"! Wouldn't it be wonderful to know where everything is and that there is a place for everything and everything in its place?? That's what this hop is hoping to do! Trying to give helpful hints on storage, clever ways to keep things and just organize the mess!!!!!!
 There is a very creative, cluttered group to help us along this path.  We hope you can find the time to organize and hop along with us while we "de-clutter"!!!! Of course there will be some blog candy to add to "your" organized clutter if you comment along the way and don't miss a single blog!  If you just happened to be visiting me today, I am ever so glad, but don't want you to miss an organized stop.  So please start at the beginning with Kimberly. She's going to give us a jump start on cleaning this mess! If you have arrived from Anita then you are more organized than I am!
I wanted to show you all of my organizational skills (lol) and reveal my revamped craft room but I still have some pictures to hang, wall art to install (wish me luck on that one!) and a few other little details so that will have to wait! My sweet, sweet husband rescued an old bulletin board that was about to be thrown in the dumpster. He just knew I would find a use for it since he frequently catches me diving in my own dumpster to save containers he threw away. He has since learned to just leave them on the counter for me (see I told you he was sweet)!
One of my biggest headaches as of late was finding which die to use. Several of them are nested, meaning there are 5 or 6 of the same shape in graduating sizes. So if I wanted to create layers, I had to drag them all out, sort them and then throw them all back in the plastic box I was storing them in.

I found magnetic strips at Hobby Lobby, on clearance even (around $2 for a pkg of 6). I wasn't even shopping for them but once again....I would use it someday! I dusted the board off and covered it with fabric (adhered with push pins). I removed the paper from the back of the magnet and stuck it on the board. How simple is that??? To add extra stability, for good measure, my sweet, sweet husband suggested we staple the magnetic pieces so there you have it!  My sweet, sweet mother suggested using a spray adhesive for the fabric but I didn't have any at the time. I bet that would really add some stability to your project!  My only dilemma now....I only bought 1 pack of those little jewels and have more dies to store!! I just hope they still have some the next time I go back. I think I will add a little ribbon and bling to the edges just to give it a little more character.
(I am using a CD rack to store my ink pads)
One other quick little storage idea is for your markers. I used a $5 over-the-door, clear shoe holder. Easy to see at a glance and plenty of room for expansion considering I only have 1/4 of the colors available. 

Now, that I have given you a way to get organized, let me send you on your way to Amanda for more helpful hints and tips to organize this mess! If you have a really cool tip, feel free to tell me about it in your comment! I am always open to suggestions on how to work smarter, not harder lol

P.S. Don't ya just love receiving happy mail?? Me too! Since it would be November before I chose a winner (because I want everyone to win), I will use Random.org to choose a winner. BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE!!! If there are more than 50 comments, I will send 2 happy mails! So tell your friends to hop on over, red rover red rover. (ok yeah I know, it's late and I am getting delirious lol) Thanks for stopping by today ((hugs)) and Happy Crafting!!


  1. looks great look the bulletin board make over :)

  2. Great Job. Looking Great!

    Patti Ross
    PPBN DT Member

  3. Oh how cool is this? I store my spellbinders in CD cases with magnetic strips to hold them in place but I like this too, when you need one, you just grab it!


  4. wow what a great way i love your marker storage!!!! i bet you could organize all kinds of things in that! and a cd rack for your inks i have a wire one im about to uses what grate ideas!!! thanks for sharing!!

  5. I Love that marker storage idea! Never thought to get a clear one so that you could see the marker colors :) Great job!


  6. My goodness Michele! Lots of great storage tips today! I LOVE the bulletin board idea! I like to check out my local www.publicsurplus.com and they have bulletin boards on there all the time along with other fun stuff the government is auctioning off! There is a tip for you :) Just enter your state and you never know what you will find! Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  7. VERY NICE AND TIDY!! love the die holding board!

  8. Oh, I love the die holder - awesome!!!


  9. I love it! I think I'll be scrap-lifting the Spellbinders storage idea. TFS!


  10. LOVE this board!!! Need to find me one of them!!

    Precious Hugs

  11. Love your organization ideas! I will keep that in mind. I am just getting started so I don't have any dies as of yet. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


  12. I love the idea of your die board!! I am going to have to try that...so creative and awesome...thanks for sharing :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  13. What a GREAT way to reporpose an old bulletin board!!! I LOVE the idea!!!

    amyis300 AT hotmail DOT com

  14. I hope you reach the 50 comments. I love you tip of storage for your dies. I do not have very many, but like you, I hate to dig for them. Your marker idea is awesome as well... I may have to consider that one.


  15. I like your storage idea for pens! I get tired of trying to find the color I want digging through drawers! Christina

  16. Love your idea for storing the spellbinder dies!!!!!!!!


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